About Us

A long back, about 8000 years ago, humans discovered the blessed nectar of the world. Yeah, of course, it’s Honey. It was only then they realized that they have finally found the medicine to cure anything and everything. Honey, with its godly taste has established its reign with ease in the taste buds of humankind and till date it’s ruling successfully.

Besides being tasty, it has signed the Life time contract with most Vitamins and Minerals. Benefits of Honey is innumerable. It is employed in all health related issues to improve immunity. It has the capacity to purify blood and increase the count of Red Blood Cells. Regulating the blood flow and body heat are also done by this magic liquid. It had been the secret ingredient of our grandma whenever we encounter cold, cough, throat infection, fever or whatever of that sort. It improves the memory power of Brain and guards our heart from issues. Strengthening bones and teeth is also a perk that Honey bestows. Losing weight has become the happening of this decade. Don’t worry all the Calorie Burning Aspirants(!), a proper usage of Honey could assist you in this affair too.

Honey with its wide range of application including cooking, baking, desserts and many is a real boon to this world.

Young Bee Foods, a healthy startup by a group of bee-brisk young chaps was begun with the aim of making this fresh, pure gift of nature reach people from all sects. Well aware of what the mission is, our path is set. We deliver about 20 varieties of pure Honey without any addition of preservative as it is blessed with its own preservatives. We procure high quality honey from the Locality specialized for each specific honey and allow it to reach market at a reasonable price.

Mother Nature knows what we need. That’s why we’re gifted with this matchless mantra “Honey”